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The goal of this project was to do something creative. Singer, I am not. Dancer, I am not. Artist, I am not. Programmer (nee geek), I am. Really any type of creativity in regards to the "art" world, I have not.

However, I do have some sense of humor (but my sense of humor is not for the faint of heart - viewer beware). So, I grabbed some pictures off the Internet (mainly from WebMuseum). However, some of the other paintings were grabbed from sites dealing exclusively with that painter. Credit is hereby issued to all of those places I hit "Save" from. So, there. Most of these images are in the public domain anyway. Most of these images will be recognizable by those fluent in Artese as I tried to take paintings that were well-known.

Then, what I did amounts to sacrilige in the art world. I basically defaced them with Microsoft Image Composer (I have neither the inclination or desire to use Photoshop - for my purposes, Image Composer was great - so there, all you Photoshop snobs!) with what I think the characters in the painting are thinking or saying to each other.

Click here for some random thoughts that occurred while doing this project. Have fun.

The next two are a series. It'll be kind of obvious why...

Note: I moved all of the images off this @Home server to Geocities. 15MB for free? Images galore. -- justin, 12/26/1999

Note: Somehow all of the LFs got removed. Odd. Fixed. Changed the link to Artscore/ instead of ArtsCore/ -- justin, 7/7/2001

Note: Hey, I now have erenkrantz.com with enough space. So, everything is back on one server - yeah! -- justin, 7/22/2001

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