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Here are some programs that I have created that others (might) be interested in.

Notify CD Player - Some of ya'll may have seen this program before. This release was based on the 1.60 Beta 5 Release (latest still as of this writing). It is a GPL licensed program, so I took the liberty of adding what wasn't there that I wanted. ;-) I sent an e-mail to Mats a while back to see if he was interested including some of my features in the program. No response. Anyway, biggest feature is automatically saving your CD position on quit (and resuming at that spot when you restart that CD). Some other things (Wrapping of track list menu). Great learning tool for Visual C++ and MCI interfaces! Source code is available (binaries are in the zip file for those without a C++ compiler). Here's a link to the original site.

Key Checker - Quick and dirty Visual Basic 6.0 program that will print out the ASCII key code as well as any shift, alt, and ctrl combination masks.

Time Check - Ever need help filling out a time sheet? Another quick and dirty program.

Population Size - How many people do you need in a sample population in order to guarantee accurate results? This program will let you know. If you are interested in the formula it is based on, drop me a line.

Modules - This is a version of the modules program that Aaron and I hacked up to work at eBuilt. Basically, it allows you to ditch /usr/local - one of the worst things about Unix systems. Either you love it, or you hate it. You also can't find this program anywhere, so I'm posting our copy of it. No guarantees, but it works for me!

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