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Schedule of Classes - Fall 2000

Class TitleInstructorClass TimesCredits
Latin 25YatesMTWT 10:00-10:504.0
ICS 121EbertTTh 11:00-12:204.0
ICS 142FranzTTh 3:30-4:504.0
Music 78ADavisTTh 1:00-2:304.0

Schedule of Classes - Winter 2001

Class TitleInstructorClass TimesCredits
ICS 145AFranzTTh 11:00-12:204.0
ICS 161EppsteinTTh 9:30-10:504.0
Soc Sci H1FCrawford and SchonfeldTTh 12:30-1:506.0
Math 171MarguliesMWF 3:00-3:504.0

Schedule of Classes - Spring 2001

Class TitleInstructorClass TimesCredits
ICS 151EbertTTh 8:00-9:204.0
ICS 184MehrotraTTh 9:30-10:504.0
Bio H90HoffmannTTh 2:00-3:304.0
ICS 280KayMW 2:00-3:304.0

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