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Recently, I was on a student panel for prospective CHP and Regents students at UCI. I was asked a bunch of questions before hand. I thought it might be worthwhile to post my rather frank responses up here. Enjoy! -- Justin

Why did you come to UCI?

I don´t know. =) Graduated High School from Ohio. Told when I applied that I did not have a shot at getting in because I was out-of-state. Still, accepted everywhere I applied (UCI, UCSD, UCSB, CMU, Washington, Univ. of Dayton). Lucky enough to visit the UCI campus. Knew I was going to be in computer science. Major here was a good fit (math is not stressed in ICS!). Thought that there were some unique opportunities available at such a "young" and "growing" campus. Well-rounded campus (compared to CMU).

What has been the most beneficial aspect of the CHP for you?

Lived first year at Shire (CHP ME House). Wonderful experience - highly recommended.


Currently doing H198 for Dr. David Rosenblum (even though I am second year - not supposed to do until 4th year). He has afforded me a tremendous amount of liberty with respect to my project because it is an Honors Research Project.


University scholarship. Didn´t get Regents because out-of-state (or so I tell myself!).

Faculty contact?

Lots and lots. Have a strong feeling that you can approach your professor.


In ICS, it has been lots of fun. Gives me a chance to do things that I would not ordinarily have a chance to do. Currently taking Latin - gives me a chance to broaden my focus a bit (meet chicks!).

Friends who are serious about academics?

Sure. =) We can say that. Yeah, CHP people are REALLY serious about academics. <g>

Social/cultural activities

Outside of ICS-related stuff, I just don´t have time...(I am a white guy on this campus - there are no clubs for us!)

Knowing/living with older & younger students

Haven´t done so.

Diversity of majors/interests

I live in ICS House, so we all just pretty much stick to our computers. Every once in a while, we come out for fresh air...

Do you live on or off-campus?

ICS House in Arroyo Vista.

How has that worked out for you?



Bike. Just got a car because my mom bought a new Bug and she had a car sitting in her driveway, so I took it. =)

Making friends?

Yeah, but at times, you do have to work at it (esp. not living in the most social-friendly house!)


Love it. =) I commuted in Ohio - hated it. If you live off-campus, you are nuts...

What other activities do you participate in on campus?


Student clubs

Vice President-to-be of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Administrator of Undergraduate Computing Facility. That´s about as much as my time allows.

Campus recreation

No. I don´t recreate. No time. =)

CHP activities

I participate in things like this. Generally, don´t go on the retreats and stuff.


Interned at Ingram Micro last two years. Currently looking at my opportunities for this coming summer - I expect to know more in the next few weeks!


See above (already asked).

Peer advising

I have taken advantage of it - better to use your major´s not CHP´s (they know more what your classes should be - and they usually are CHP people anyway). I thought about doing it (was asked by ICS), but didn´t for time concerns...

Name one activity or opportunity that you think more students should take advantage of.

All-night keg parties. <g> Seriously, make an effort to get to know your professors. They are cool dudes.

If you had to give one piece of advice to an incoming student, what would you say?

Have fun. Lots of fun. Chill out. Relax. Enjoy yourself. Oh, yeah, be in a major that you absolutely love - otherwise, you will end up regretting it (as some of my friends are currently doing).

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