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Site Notes
My personal toolbar looks like this
Google Dare it to return nothing.
ESPN What's the score?
Page 2 ESPN's Page 2
Neyer Rob Neyer gets it.
/. It's quality has gone down in recent years, but still moderately interesting.
News Real-world news
Mac Mac News
Research What I'm supposed to be reading
Weblogs What I read
News Sites
Google News No humans harmed in its production.
Salon Salon Premium is worth it.
DMN Dallas Morning News site
Fox News What is happening around the world?
Macintosh Sites
MacInTouch Mac News
MacObserver More of the same
Mac Rumors
Mozilla nightly build Keep up-to-date
Fink Add all the missing software
Research links
Citeseer More papers than you can shake a stick at
Off Wing Opinion Commentary for the free market sports fan
Volokh Conspiracy
Doc Searls
USS Clueless
Silicon Valley
Surfin' Safari Dave Hyatt's Weblog
How Appealing More about our appellate system than you'd ever want to know
The Bleat James Lileks's diary
Eject! Eject! Eject!
Punditwatch Have someone else watch the pundits and just read this.
The Corner Read the doodles.
Basic Everyday Sites
Ars-Technica They are just as geeky as I am. They know BeOS!
User Friendly - Static Will Stef ever get Miranda?
Every-other-day type of sites
System Internals A great spot of NT utilities.
The Digital Bits DVD reviews and such
Cool sites that update weekly or monthly
The Onion Some people believe this stuff
Suck Daily Hmm, counterculture bent??
Slate What was free is now free again. (Was worth the $19 anyway)
Alan Cox's Diary Linux anyone?
Friends of Rohit Khare Archive I've had the pleasure of meeting Rohit. He's a tremendously nice guy and a helluva programmer. Rohit singlehandly solved 3 programs on the ACM challenge (and was rusty). I was SO close to getting one completed! (argh)
RISKS Digest This is a scary site.
Kernel Traffic Weekly summary of the Linux-Kernel Mailing List - cool stuff.
Sites that are worth checking out (if you haven´t already)
Don Knuth's Homepage We're just beginning to figure out what he was saying 30 years ago.
Phil Greenspun's Site Photo.Net is one of those website that has everything. Gotta love Alex. Cute dog!
Paul Allen The other half of Microsoft (the one no one mentions!)
MSDN Library Forget your MSDN CDs? Look here.
WorldNet User Group My ISP - Has Linux PPP/CHAP tutorials
Duck and Cover Cool site. Too bad I don't have time to play Fallout2 AGAIN!
Interviewing Tips for Microsoft We can all dream. If so, here's some helpful tips to make a dream a reality.
UCI TeleVision This is the Web interface for UCI TELE (no addition of classes on-line yet)
The answer to one of the most elusive questions in the universe. Also see their main page.
Jikes Jikes! It's fast.
Internet Movie Database The final word on movies on the Internet - just type in an actor, and POOF!
Dr. Strangelove site One of the greatest black comedies of all time. Site has a script and a Rolling Stone Interview with Kubrick.
The One and Only Purity Test. Well, just how pure are you?
USENet Physics FAQ Also See: USENet Relativity FAQ
Funny Forwards People with too much time on their hands
Famous People and Speeches Famous and interesting papers
Famous Speeches from The History Channel History Channel's home page
Famous Audio Clips (Assorted)
Some of Winston Churchill's Famous Speeches A page devoted to Winston Churchill
Noam Chomsky's MIT Home Page Z Magazine's Noam Chomsky's Archive
Well, to sum it up, if I have these pieces of software, I'm home. ;-) (if I used Windows anymore...see below)
Panorama Great for randomizing those gobs of wallpapers (does JPEGs), scheduling, and hot-keys!
Screenthemes The suppliers of my wallpapers (I replaced Panorama with this).
Topdesk A computer is not home without SnadBoy's TopDesk.
Quick View Plus Great Product. A little slooow on the JPEG decompression, but it does almost every file format.
ICQ Hmm, I Seek You, who ever you may be.
Hardware Sensors Monitor Gotta keep track of how hot my computer is (scorching!).
PGP Download Wizard Since NAI bought out PGP, I could never find a new version of PGP. Until I found this site, that is.
FTP Explorer Best FTP client. A little flaky at times, but it does the job.
Emacs Vi blows (in Windows - 3/14/2001). Emacs is where it is at. I use this for when I am not using a nice GUI-based text program or am in Linux/FreeBSD.
Some other software:
VMWare I hate to reboot. I really hate to reboot. But, I love to run Linux or FreeBSD on occasion.
WarFTPD I run my own FTP server - this program provides the best security at the best price.
Dr. Scheme If you need to do anything in Scheme, download this program. It is by far the simplest and easiest to use. Don't forget to set the language to Advanced.
Pullmail Takes POP mail and sends it to an SMTP server. Great.
Cafe 3.0 with JDK1.2 Sometimes you just need a debugger.
The real cool software is listed here:
Apache The one true HTTP server
Vi IMproved The one true editor (albeit enhanced)
Gale The one true IM
Mutt The one true MUA
Sendmail The one true MTA (qmail doesn't have decent LDAP support)
OpenLDAP The one true directory (iPlanet is awful)
Google The one true search engine
FreeBSD The one true cute OS mascot

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