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Begin Rant

I will never make any of my MPEGs available under any circumstances. (Notice the period - end of statement) All MPEGs that I have were created by myself using digital rips from the original CD. For an encoder, I used BladeEnc (various versions) with an encoding rate of 192 KB/sec. I feel that this encoding rate gives the best quality while giving decent compression. Some older MPEGs were created with inferior encoders (XING-based) or different rates (128 or 256 KB/sec).

If you like the music, buy the CD (or some type of royalty fees). Support the artists. But, once you have the CD, you should be able to do whatever you wish with it. This is in line with Negroponte's view of atoms and bits. Who controls the bits??

Anyway, I digress...

End Rant

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