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Famous Speeches

Declaration of War on Japan (1941)
FDR's Declaration of War against Japan
Their Finest Hour.
Winston Churchill announces the beginning of the Battle of Britain
Gettysburg Address.
Abraham Lincoln's Dedication of the cemetery at Gettysburg
Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death
Patrick Henry's plea to fight for liberty
I've Been To The Mountaintop.
To me, this is an even more remarkable speech than his I Have A Dream. because on the next day Martin Luther King Jr. lay dead by an assassin's bullet.
Larry Lessig's OSCON 2002 Speech
Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points Speech.
Declaration of Independence.
While the Constitution of the United States is our governing document in the United States, Jefferson captured the ideals of why they chose to fight for a new country.
George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words
A pivotal moment for censorship within the United States.

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