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Note that most of these documents were created in Microsoft Word. Chances are that I have not taken the time to go through and verify that in the process of converting to HTML. Something may have gotten lost in the translation.

While these essays concern general topics, I have also written a variety of technical papers.

Of course, all essays are © Justin R. Erenkrantz. Like that needed to be said?

Title Date Comments
Isn't That Rose Beautiful? 11/1997 College Entrance Essay
12 Angry Men 10/1997 Friday Night Football, Life, and Justin
Requiem for a Heavyweight 10/1997 A look at the world around me
Some Like It Hot 11/1997 Blondes vs. Brunettes
Unstrung Heroes 12/1997 Geek vs. Nerd
A Bloodless Massacre 2/1998 A critique of Anna Quindlen's A Pyrrhic Victory
Was It Worth It? 3/1998 A summary of John Connor's The U.S. Was Right
Don't Move 3/1998 A critique of Leonard Eron's The Television Industry Must Police Itself
Untitled Snapshot #1 10/1998 What Is Art?
Untitled Snapshot #2 11/1998 Is Computer Programming Art?
Untitled Snapshot #3 12/1998 Future for Art
The Mask and The Mirror 1/1999 Formal Analysis of Picasso and Velazquez
The Book of Secrets 2/1999 Political Analysis of Picasso and Velazquez
Employment Policies 11/1999 ICS 131 Writing Assignment
The Unbearable Lightness of Society 2/2001 Comparison of John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Don't Mess With Texas 3/2001 Social Psychological Analysis of Texans (Bias and Stereotypes)

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